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It has always been a great passion of mine to share deep-technical information. I pride myself on delivering content in such away that even the most complex topics become understandable. My 5-day Identity masterclass is extremely comprehensive and delves into all the hard to understand topics in Identity and Azure AD. The webinars are designed to give a quick technology hit always with a focus on providing understandable, useful, and relevant content. Don't miss my next webinar, follow me on Twitter for the next announcement @john_craddock

Just take a look at what people are saying:

Lots of info, clearly presented. I've been using AAD for a few years and still learned some things.

Alex, Cloud Solution Architect, UK

John's style is really great for taking on board concepts. The webinar was really interesting and informative and certainly encouraged consideration of signing up for the full masterclass.

Paul, Technical Specialist (Identity), UK

John Craddock never fails to amaze! Always presenting nerdy stuff in a simple way, that you can understand. This webinar was no exception. Thanks!

Martin, Infrastructure Consultant, Denmark

Great introduction and at the same way it also had great valuable for those with more experience.

Alex, Technical architect, Norway

John's webinar about implementing secure access to Azure AD was a great way to lay the foundation and get familiar with the many ways one could authenticate, integrate and authorize identities with Azure AD.  Time very well spent!

Stefano, Cyber & Digital Senior Security Specialist, Italy

Love that's it's technical, while at the same time clearing up concepts. It's fast pace, John knows what he's talking about and presents both the concepts and what tech-terms you might wanna google later on. Gave me a good understanding of concepts, technologies involved, workflow as well what protocol I have to dig into.

Alexander, Network architect/engineer, Norway 

This was an effective and informative 40,000 foot view of Azure AD and why it is valuable today. John you did a great job outlining the areas where AAD can bring business and technical value and you demonstrated an ability to make these deeply technical subjects palatable. Thank you

Jim, IT Architect, US

The webinar was really useful and good use of my time, as the extra detail John gives is very much worthwhile.  Enjoyed John's teaching style, with the easy to follow graphics and explanation it has helped advance my own knowledge.

Stuart, Solution Architect, UK

Great introduction to AAD, I hope it will make my CSO happy.

Mikhail, Sysadmin, Russia

It was very nice to see John again. Webinar strengthen my understanding of Azure AD as an authentication and authorization hub. I now see how it all could be used in the whole picture: using AD on prem or not, using legacy apps, integrating with Identity governance solutions, MIM etc. It is very useful for my everyday work when we need to design a solution/vision for our corp customer and a roadmap of how to get there as well as actually implementing required projects. 

Gediminas, IT System Engineer, Lithuania

Great content and very easy to follow.  John is a genius at breaking down complex topics into manageable and understandable modules.

Brian, Technical Specialist, US

It wasn't my first John's session (and I certainly hope it won't be my last) - really liked this Azure AD intro! Love the style in which is presented and picked up a few details that I wasn't aware of earlier. Would recommend it to anyone starting with Azure AD (or connected services)!

Tomica, Systems Administrator, Croatia

I have been following your videos, seminars from the day I started Into the world of Identity Support. It is amazing as always. Easy to understand. Best Tech learning seminars. 

Vyom, India

John has that highly appreciated skills to explain complicated technology very well. He can structure the information using 'Visio-style' graphics so the explanation is easy to follow. (well, easy, of course you need to pay attention as this is mostly complicated stuff). Thank you for this interesting update, for me as an architect it is good to update my knowledge on this topic from time to time.

Erwin, Architect, The Netherlands

Albert Einstein said "If you can't explain it to a six year old, you don't understand it yourself."
John Craddock is able to explain complex things so well that I feel like a 6 year old boy.  It's pleasant and instructive to hear him speak. Thanks for the webinar.

Pieter, IT System Manager, Belgium
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