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The online masterclasses have proved to be a huge success with 90% of people rating the online experience better or the same as an in-class event. The results are practically identical for two questions rating the online class from both a learning and convenience perspective.

The masterclass is constantly updated with the latest details and changes in Azure AD. Please take a few moments to review what attendees are saying about their experience when they attended the class. Don't miss your chance of joining the next class. Book Now

Very comprehensive course!
Loved John's enthusiasm. A lot of deep dive knowledge.
The course was very hands-on and the course material is very comprehensive an up to date.

Harri, ICT Specialist, Finland

In my roughly 20+ years in the IT industry, this was by far the best class I have taken.  Not only did the class meet my expectations in content provided, it far exceeded it.

Typically a lot of classes marked as "advanced" in any way, don't always meet everyone's expectations.  The level of detail on everything was fantastic, and all of the material being kept up to date to even include recent preview features was greatly appreciated.  The labs were all set up in a way that you were given enough information to succeed, but you had to actively engage to complete

Steve, Senior Server Engineer, US

Couldn't had hoped for a more experienced instructor with actual knowledge of current possibilities (including previews) and not just PowerPoint slides that were up to speed two years ago when they were first created. 9/10 instructor led classes have information that has since been deprecated or replaced as a functionality but John is the one out of ten where this is not the case.

Antti, System architect, Finland

John is a very good instructor but deep knowledge in the area. He is also very good at explaining complex scenarios.

The course is at a very detailed level, which you can expect as it is a Masterclass. Very good and useful content.

Stefan, Development and Management Responsible, Sweden

The course was amazing and instructor John really knew what he was talking about.

Markku, System Specialist, Finland

The masterclass is excellent. It is the most in-depth content related to the management of Identity in the Microsoft arena that I have seen around. I am very satisfied!

Giovanni, IT Consultant, UK

Great training, very detailed, and the instructor very very experienced, you can definitely tell he was there when some design decisions were taken.

Zigor, Platform Engineer IAM, Germany

John has the unique ability to explain really complex processes in an understandable and digestible way.

Peter, Product Owner IAM, Germany

I attended a lot of trainings in my career, and this was dealing with the most complex topic, but at the same time was one of the smoothest I've attended.
This was because John Is capable to explain complex scenarios in "Plain English".
Thank you John for this great experience.

Ovidiu, Senior Platform Engineer, Germany

As its own name says, this was an extremely technical Masterclass explained by John in such a detailed way the "complicated" things were not complicated anymore. The hands-on-labs were made very carefully so all the knowledge could be easily assimilated during the course.

David, Senior Platform Engineer, Spain

It has been an incredible experience with tons of information in a well structured and organized course. John really knows his work and, not only he can explain almost by heart every single slide, he can also answer almost any question regardless the topic, adding examples from real world problems and notes as new topics comes on play based on actual questions. The Labs are fantastic and, if you really care to know what you are doing and not only just go step by step, you can really learn a lot.

Paris, Senior Consultant, Spain

Instructor - Great! Keep up with great work! :)


Course is well constructed with nice and useful Lab´s. 

Igor, Senior IAM Engineer, Germany

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