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Consultant and IT Architect

Do you need help?

Whether you need a complete end-to-end IT design, help with a project that has hit the buffers or just need to bounce ideas around, John Craddock or one of his associates can provide a solution. When stuck with a tricky technical problem, call on our exceptional troubleshooting skills.

John Craddock BSc Hons, MBCS, CEng, CITP
John is an experienced, enthusiastic and energetic IT architect with a diverse range of skills and results based achievements. Designed and implemented computing systems ranging from high-speed industrial controllers through to distributed IT systems with a focus on security and high-availability. A key player as an architect and SME in many IT projects for industry leaders including Microsoft, the UK Government and multi-nationals that require optimised IT systems. Avid thirst for knowledge maintaining leading edge skill sets. Outstanding communication skills.

Skill set includes

  • Recognized world expert on Microsoft Active Directory (including Azure AD) and federated identity

  • Deep and profound knowledge of the internals of Active Directory

  • Implementation of federated identity, with WS*, SAML, OpenID Connect and OAuth

  • Implementation of SAML authentication with SharePoint, and other claims-aware apps

  • In-depth knowledge of AD FS deployment and troubleshooting

  • Active Directory security and infrastructure design

  • Up to date on all aspects of AD including Windows Server 2016 and Windows Azure AD

  • Windows Dynamic Access control and Claims Based Authentication Control (CBAC)

  • Experienced with implementing Windows Azure projects

  • Deep technical knowledge of Microsoft Direct Access and IPv6

  • Infrastructure security

  • Disaster prevention and recovery

  • Kerberos, troubleshooting protocol translation and constrained delegation

  • TCP/IP network infrastructures including IPv6, NAP and 802.1x authentication

  • PKI to support all aspects of certificates

  • Protocol mapping and securing infrastructures with IPsec and firewalls

  • Optimization and cost reduction through server virtualization

  • Solid foundation on all aspects of IT infrastructures from 20+ years of experience

  • Project leader, project mentor and guide

  • Outstanding communication skills with all personnel from IT implements to CEOs

  • Creative leadership, through knowledge transfer, encouragement and mentoring

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