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Computer Network Security
In 2007 John wrote and presented this video on network security for Microsoft, for a while it was available on the British Airway Entertainment Channel. Although the video is nearly 15 years old it still provides a really good introduction and insight to network security.

Troubleshooting the Azure Active Directory Application Proxy

In 2015 John wrote this whitepaper for Microsoft it is available from their site here

Demo environment
We are often asked about our demo/masterclass virtual environment, you can now download a copy of our build document for free!

Free book download

Just in case its useful to you, now available as a free download.
Even after 13 years I still find this book useful when troubleshooting and diving deep with AD. Most of the content is still relevant and valid.  I hope you enjoy it, let me know how you get on @john_craddock.


Thanks to everyone who bought a copy of the book

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